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10 Tips: Choosing the Perfect Partner For Your Business

 March 17


Your business needs to remain competitive to meet the increasing demands of your customers and to keep an edge over the competition.

Choosing a partner to look after your supply needs is an important decision – one that could make or break your business. Here are ten tips to help you make the right choice:

  1. Capacity/capability - You need to be supplied with whatever you need, when you need, in whatever amount you need it. Organisations with larger warehouses can store vast amounts of stock providing the capability to meet your requirements.
  2. Quality – The best brand at the best price is ideal, but having a choice of price-range and quality is just as important. Spending too much on a top of the line product is unnecessary if a cheaper product would be just as effective. A trusted partner can give you expert advice, and provide you with the right tool for the right job without unnecessary upsell.
  3. Reliability – Dealing with a successful, long-running organisation gives you access to their long-established suppliers and systems. These attributes help to ensure reliability and consistency, and that you are not left out in the cold.
  4. Supplier base - A partner with a consolidated supplier base means you only have to deal with one organisation. They can leverage scale with multiple suppliers to negotiate the best prices for you, as well as be able to meet even the most specialised product requirements.
    • Location – You need access to you anything you need, wherever you are in Australia. It is ideal if the organisation has branch locations across a broad spectrum of areas to provide another avenue for supply.
    • Return policy – The inability to return an order for a refund or replacement will affect cash flow. Work can slow, jobs can be cancelled and mistakes can be made, so it is important to verify your partner’s return policy.
    • Support – You will need access to servicing teams who understand your business and who are willing to go above and beyond. Specialist solutions will be required, and often at crucial moments.  Choose an organisation which can provide you with access to technical experts across a range of specialist disciplines.
    • Trading terms – Larger organisations are usually able to offer credit accounts after a relationship has been established. This is crucial to any business for growth and expansion.
    • Reputation –A reputation is hard to earn, and easy to lose. A long established, well respected organisation will lend the value of its brand to your business.
    • Cost – Larger organisations have the power to buy in bulk, and the savings are passed on to your business.

    The best price won’t always be the cheapest offering, and a lasting, mutually beneficial relationship with a trusted partner cannot be defined solely by a monetary value.

    All of the above factors must be taken into consideration, as ‘cost’ is a relative term that goes well beyond the bottom line.


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