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A spectacular success, Blackwoods’ The Fred Hollows Foundation donations reach $350,000

"I am pleased to share with you and update and news of Blackwoods’ support of The Fred Hollows Foundation and its health programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in particular. With the support of our team, our customers and a small number of suppliers, I am pleased to announce that together we have reached a significant milestone of total donations reaching $350,000. Our donations have had immediate and ongoing benefit for the people assisted by The Foundation.

On behalf of Blackwoods an initial donation was made to help facilitate the provision of much needed resources and equipment delivering health services to people in some of the most remote parts of Australia and we have built on that support.

One of the prime beneficiaries of our support has been of The Fred Hollows Foundation’s ‘Eye Surgery Champions’, who themselves have undergone life changing cataract surgery, and travel to the most remote areas of Australia meeting with other surgery candidates who may be sceptical about undergoing the procedure, and offer firsthand knowledge and share their experience of the benefits of cataract surgery. We are pleased to hear that in 2013, and with our help, the Foundation reported they had cleared the backlog of eye surgery in Australia!

Blackwoods’ initial corporate donation has been supplemented by an ongoing contribution generated by sales of a select range of The Fred Hollows Foundation fundraising products from our existing range known as the “Blackwoods Foresight Range”. Every time a customer selects one of our fundraising products, a percentage of the sale goes directly to The Foundation.

We have had a positive response to our program from a number of our key customers and supply partners most notably CRC Industries, 3M Australia and uvex Safety, who are delighted to partner with us on this initiative.

I encourage all to consider products within the “Foresight Range” , with new products including our own Tredlite footwear range being added to the 2014 program we have a quality stable of products to choose from, with the added benefit of generating much needed funds for this important work.

I trust you continue to share my excitement and enthusiasm of being able to support The Fred Hollows Foundation, we can all be proud of our contribution thus far, and I look forward to communicating more good news as we provide much needed support to the community. "

Olivier Chretien
Managing Director, Wesfarmers Industrial & Safety

A word from The Fred Hollows Foundation

The Fred Hollows Foundation works for a world where no one is needlessly blind and Indigenous Australians enjoy the same health and life expectancy as other Australians. In Australia, The Foundation is committed to roles as both partner and advocate of effective health programs for Indigenous Australians. Indigenous Australians have fewer opportunities to maintain and improve their health and life situation than non-Indigenous Australians. They do not have the same access to employment, housing, medical services and education, nor are they equally engaged in our social and political systems.

The Fred Hollows Foundation takes a comprehensive approach to improving the health and life opportunities of Indigenous people. Working with Indigenous communities is the legacy of the late Professor Fred Hollows, who was committed to helping Indigenous Australians.

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Foresight Donation

Over the coming months each of our publications will feature a growing stable of products and brands which support The Fred Hollows Foundation through Blackwoods 'Foresight Donation' program.

We enjoy strong supplier relationships which will be progressively reflected by the inclusion of some of the world's leading brands in our commitment to The Foundation's Indigenous program initiatives; programs to which our customers, our suppliers and the Blackwoods Team can make a difference.

Look out for the Blackwoods "Foresight Donation" icon next time you require quality workplace needs - every brochure and publication really contains more than meets the eye!

Look for the Blackwoods Foresight donation symbol to help raise donations for the Foundation

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