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Welding Fumes now Classified as Carcinogenic to Humans

The Do's and Don'ts of Working with Ladders

Misuse of ladders can result in injury to the user or damage to the ladder itself. Here we take a look at some important tips for the safe handling, transporting and general use of ladders.

  • By Blackwoods
  • Published on 17/9/2019
How to Create a Food Safety Culture

Create a food safety culture by addressing these 5 key factors.

  • By Blackwoods
  • Published on 16/9/2019
Essential Woodworking Tools

Looking to get started in woodworking? Here's 8 essential professional woodworking tools to help you get started on the right foot.

  • By Blackwoods
  • Published on August 19, 2019
What Oil is Best for Air Compressors?

  • By Blackwoods
  • Published on August 16, 2019
Milwaukee Introduces a High-Torque World First

The Milwaukee M18 FUEL 1" High Torque Impact Wrench with ONE-KEY is the world's first cordless 1" High Torque Impact Wrench and the most powerful cordless impact in the world.

  • By Blackwoods
  • Published on August 5, 2019
Win 1 of 60 Milwaukee Weber BABY Q!

Blackwoods and Milwaukee are giving you the chance to win one of 60 Milwaukee branded Weber Baby Q Premium BBQs valued at $350!

  • By Blackwoods
  • Published on August 1, 2019
This Safety Jogger will Keep You Fast, Safe and Light on Your Feet

Blundstone's all-new Blundstone 793 lightweight safety joggers are the company's lighest ever, providing you with all day comfort, keeping you light on your feet, even if your job is hard on everything else.

  • By Blackwoods
  • Published on July 25, 2019
5 Types of Adhesives & Sealants and When to Use Them

From Acrylics to Silicones, here we take a look at 5 essential adhesives and sealant variations for just about any job.

  • By Blackwoods
  • Published on July 20, 2019
4 of the Best Rotary Hammers in 2019

Delivering enough force to break down the hardest masonry in demo jobs, or smash through drilling jobs in a fraction of the time of standard drills, rotary hammer drills are tough tools for tough jobs.

  • By Blackwoods
  • Published on July 15, 2019
How To Stop Falling Tools On The Worksite

Working at height continues to represent a major safety management challenge for most workplace health and safety professionals, however increasingly it is not just ‘people falls’ that are an issue.

  • By Blackwoods
  • Published on June 29, 2019
Best Jobsite Radios

Here we look at some of our favourite jobsite radios which are tough and loud, and will have you pumping out the tunes across the jobsite in no time. Just don’t let the apprentice choose the station.

  • By Blackwoods
  • Published on June 27, 2019
Bosch 6 Year Tool and Battery Warranty FAQ

Bosch professional power tools and lithium-ion batteries and chargers are made to the highest standards to meet the most demanding applications. For this reason, Bosch now offer an extended 6-year warranty on tools and 6-year Battery Premium Service.

  • By Blackwoods
  • Published on June 25, 2019
What Glasses are Best for Blue Light Blocking?

We know that the blue light from our TVs, computers and phones can have a negative effect on our sleep. But what are the additional risks associated with blue light and what can we do to prevent them?

  • By Blackwoods
  • Published on June 23, 2019
Brushed vs Brushless Power Tools

Brushless tools have now become the first choice for professionals who demand high performance. With better efficiency, more power and longer run time, brushless power tools can provide a host of benefits over traditional brushed motors. But are brushless tools the right solution for you?

  • By Blackwoods
  • Published on June 19, 2019
Watch Now: Gas vs Gasless MIG Welding

In this episode of the Blackwoods Counter Talk series, we explore the differences between Gas Shielded Mig Wire and Gasless Mig Wire and the key considerations to be made to ensure you make the right choice for your next job.

  • By Blackwoods
  • Published on June 12, 2019
Win the Ultimate Tradie Truck from DeWalt

DeWalt is giving you the chance to win a RAM1500 SuperTourer built by Patriot Campers, valued at $179,000. Read more to find out how you could win!

  • By Blackwoods
  • Published on June 17, 2019
Earmuffs vs. Earplugs

Utilising personal hearing protection like earmuffs or earplugs is one of the simplest yet effective ways an individual can help prevent noise-induced hearing loss associated with workplace noise. So which solution is best for your job?

  • By Blackwoods
  • Published on June 8, 2019
Build Your Own Tool Kit with the New ModPak Modular Tool Sets

The new ModPark range from JBS allows you to buy the tools you need and nothing you don’t. Find out how you can build the ideal tool kit for your job in these 3 easy steps.

  • By Blackwoods
  • Published on June 1, 2019
The Symptoms of Silicosis and Why New Treatments are Desperately Needed

In Australia, silicosis has become an epidemic and has been described as the worst industrial health crisis since asbestosis. Respiratory Physician and Professor of Respiratory Medicine, Dr Daniel Chambers and Dr Simon Apte speak about the symptoms of silicosis and the research that is occurring to treat this life threatening disease.

  • By
  • Published on May 30, 2019
Is Your Workplace Prepared for Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Sudden cardiac arrest is the largest cause of death in Australia, taking the lives of around 33,000 Australians in the past 12 months alone. Without an immediate response, the chances of surviving cardiac arrest are only 2% - 5%. However, when CPR and a defibrillator are used in the first minutes after a cardiac arrest, the chances of survival are significantly improved.

  • By Blackwoods
  • Published on May 20, 2019
Need to Know: Clearing the Air on Welding Fumes

The International Agency for Research on Cancer recently reclassified welding fume from Group 2B "possibly carcinogenic to humans" to Group 1 "carcinogenic to humans". The reclassification came following sufficient evidence that welding fumes causes lung cancer. This reclassification has forced many welders and workplaces to rethink their current approach to respiratory protection. For many, the use of powered air respiratory protection (PAPR) has never been more important.

  • By Blackwoods
  • Published on April 1, 2019
How Milwaukee One-Key Helps You Track and Control Your Tools

Whether you like it or not, the digital jobsite of the future is here now, and is here to stay, with mobile apps front and centre of the digital revolution. Now, Milwaukee Tools are pioneering the latest industry-changing technology with the introduction of the downloadable App called ONE-KEY, the first digital platform for tools and equipment.

  • By Blackwoods
  • Published on March 1, 2019
Glove Coatings - What's Best For You?

Not having the right fit for purpose glove for your task can heavily impact the gloves effectiveness and your productivity. The better grip, dexterity and durability that the coating provides the more benefits it has for the worker at reducing hand-related injuries. So how do you know which coating is the best for your job? Let’s walk through the options.

  • By Blackwoods
  • Published on February 1, 2019
How to Protect Your Hearing While Maintaining Communication on the Jobsite

Noisy environments within industrial work places can often be a hazard. Whether it is a foundry, manufacturing plant, automotive repair shop or construction site, noise is a constant. The 3M Peltor range has a series of features designed to not only minimise the impact sound has on the ear drum, but also to allow employees to communicate with fellow workers easily in loud, demanding environments.

  • By Blackwoods
  • Published on February 1, 2019
What is Intrinsically Safe Design and When Do I Need it?

One of the most common ignition sources sites such as coal mines, oil rigs and sewerage plants are the sparks and hot surfaces generated from common electronic devices. To avoid potential disaster, it is crucial that equipment which is used in these hazardous areas takes an Intrinsic Safety design approach.

  • By Blackwoods
  • Published on February 1, 2019
The Truth About Silica Exposure and How to Protect Yourself

The recent increase in the cases of silicosis amongst Australian workers has seen silica being dubbed “the new asbestos”. Long-term exposure to silica, which is created when artificial or engineered stone is cut, is the cause of silicosis, an irreversible lung disease which can eventually become fatal.

  • By Blackwoods
  • Published on February 1, 2019
40 Fabulous Uses for WD-40

Today, you'd be hard pressed finding many Aussie homes, workshops or garages that don't have a can of WD-40 on the shelf. Over the years the amount of uses for the spray has grown, with everyone having their own little WD-40 secret. WD-40 themselves claim over 2000 uses. Here we've picked 40 of the best, some obvious, some not.

  • By Blackwoods
  • Published on February 1, 2019
3 Ways Milwaukee's M18 Fuel Crushes The Toughest Jobs

Upon release, Milwaukee promised the M18 Fuel Line would deliver extreme-performance cordless power tools with unprecedented power, run-time and durability. The fact that today, almost 5 years since the initial launch, the M18 FUEL Line remains at the top of the professional power tool game, suggests Milwaukee more than delivered on its promise.

  • By Blackwoods
  • Published on December 20, 2018
Protecting Welders' Eyesight: Choosing The Best Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

Auto-darkening helmets have been around for many years, and are now established as an invaluable addition to a welder’s kit, offering both safety and productivity benefits to the operator and his/her employer.

  • By Blackwoods
  • Published on December 10, 2018
Cut the Cord With Dewalt Flexvolt

The Flexvolt XR System by DeWalt is a range of 54V power tools and batteries that offers unprecedented runtime and power. For the first time ever, professional tradesman can undertake heavy-duty construction applications without the need for mains power, eliminating the need for cords and creating a truly cordless jobsite.

  • By Blackwoods
  • Published on December 1, 2018

What Oil is Best for Air Compressors?

Essential Woodworking Tools

Tools for Trade

Why More Aussie Women are Becoming Tradies

Long the sole domain of blokes, the number of Aussie women looking to forge a career in tradie roles is on the rise. In the past 12 months alone we’ve seen more than 10,000 women starting a trade.

Why More Women Should Get Into Welding

"Growing up I always liked fixing things, so when I got a little older I knew the career path I wanted to go down would be different to what a lot of people consider normal for a girl. I wanted to go into a trade."