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Respiratory Protection for Asbestos


When asbestos is mined or processed or when asbestos-based products are sanded, sawn or drilled, it can produce a fine airborne dust that is made up of tiny fibres. These fibres are easily breathed into the lungs where they can potentially become embedded and, due to their size and elongated shape, have the capacity to resist the lungs’ natural cleaning process and in turn lead to serious health problems in later years.

A global leader in respiratory protection, 3M’s range includes various types of negative pressure reusable and positive pressure powered air respirators to protect workers against asbestos fibres.

In addition, a respiratory program created in accordance with Australian/New Zealand Standard
AS/NZA 1715:2009 “Selection Use & Maintenance of Respiratory Protective Devices” should be introduced where workers are exposed to airborne asbestos.

7535 Asbestos/Dust Kit – P2 by 3M

This convenient respiratory kit is designed for asbestos removal* and environments containing dust. The kit includes:

·       1 x 3M half face respirator 7500 series

·       2 x pair 3M particulate filters 6035 P2/P3

·       1 x pair of 200 series safety glasses

·       Packed in handy storage container

This kit is ideal for lead paint removal, sanding, sawing, drilling, cutting, grinding, masonry, insulation and powder coating.

*Always refer to local asbestos government guidelines before commencing work.