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Charge Your Power Tools On The Go With The Bosch Wireless Charging System


Charging your tools has never been more convenient. Bosch Blue’s Wireless Charging System enables you to charge batteries quickly without being tied down, providing greater productivity and flexibility for professional tradespeople on the go.

Designed to naturally integrate into every step of the work day, batteries can be charged between applications and even on the move in your car or van.

How it works

The technology is based upon inductive charging, which uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between the charger and battery, and is similar to technology being integrated into smart watches, stovetops and electric toothbrushes.

When the charging station is plugged in and the wireless battery is placed on it, the charger detects the presence of the battery in under a second and starts emitting a magnetic field. The alternating magnetic field penetrates the battery’s internal copper coil, inducing voltage and charging current into the cells.

Put simply, just place the tool with battery on to the charging bay and you’re away.

In the car or van driving between jobs, tools can be charged using a 12V connection from your vehicle or an existing 240 volt on-board voltage socket. The upright charging system conveniently charges the tools battery while sitting in a secure holster in the car or van.

Safe and reliable

Each charger features Foreign Object Detection, a safety feature which detects when any conductive foreign objects are on the charging pad, and automatically powers off the charger until foreign objects are removed. The charger is also completely sealed to protect it from dust and moisture.

In addition, the wireless charging battery comes equipped with CoolPack technology, protecting the battery from overheating, overdrag and deep discharge, extending the lifetime of the battery by up to 100%.

Ready every time

The modern tradie needs to be ready to go on arrival, every time. Whether it is wireless holster, charging frame or charging bay, the flexibility of the Bosch Blue Wireless Charging System can help guarantee you’re never caught out with a dead battery again.

Eliminating the need to keep removing and switching batteries, charging your tool has never been more convenient. With the system being 100% compatible with all existing 18V Bosch Blue Tools, there is no better time to cut the cord from your charger.