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Introducing The ESAB Rebel Welder

The ESAB Rebel has arrived in Australia. Offering true multi-process arc performance in a rugged, lightweight package, the Rebel is truly a go-anywhere, weld-anything machine for welders of all skill levels.

The ESB Rebel welder provides an industrial quality arc for MIG, flux-cored, TIG and stick welding, with both basic and advanced operating modes allowing beginners to weld easily or professionals to finely tune parameters. A built in arc control monitors your weld and adapts for superior repeatable welds.

The machine features a sMIG (“smart MIG”) function which allows users to begin MIG welding with an extremely stable arc simply through setting metal thickness and wire diameter, without the need to enter information for shielding gas mix. A massive 4.3" colour screen makes operation even easier.

The Rebel runs off single phase 240V and is generator compatible. A sturdy five-handle roll cage and steel unibody construction provides the toughness to make it a true “go-anywhere” machine, and a game changer for welders everywhere.


Be one of the first in Australia to own the ESAB Rebel.

Features include:

  • Multi process welder capable of MIG, FCAW, DC TIG and MMA (Arc)
  • Digital TFT display providing a clear view of welding parameters
  • S-MIG (Smart MIG) for the optimum welding parameter
  • Intuitive functionality that adapts to the operators welding technique
  • Maximum toughness with a sturdy five handle roll cage and uni-body
  • Generator compatible (7.5 kVA) for on-site applications