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High-Vis Workwear: When Does It Need To Be Replaced?

Employees working near traffic or mobile equipment are exposed to potential hazards including the serious risk of impact. High-visibility clothing increases locational awareness and lessens the chance of accident and injury.

The effectiveness of the clothing lessens with extended use, with dirt and grime build up having a dulling effect upon the clothing’s brightness. However, the cleaning process hazardous to the clothing’s longevity, with each wash reducing the amount of colour in the garment and eventually causing it to fall below safety standards.

High visibility clothing needs to be machine washed warm with like colours and tumble dried on medium and removed promptly. Many articles of hi-vis clothing has reflective tape, which incorporates microscopic glass beads and are very susceptible to damage during the wash cycle. Turn the garment inside out, and wash on a gentle cold cycle, avoiding all bleaches and fabric softeners. Avoid adding rough, heavy clothing like jeans, as this will increase the amount of damage caused to the tape and decrease its work life.

Remember, once the colour falls below industry standards, you will be unable to wear it at work and it must be replaced. Refer to the tag on your hi-vis clothing for more detailed washing and care instructions.

In this edition of Counter Talk, we explore which high-vis clothing is right for which job, and how to know when it needs replacing.



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