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How To Treat Rusted Metal Assets Safely

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June 11, 2018

Rust can reduce the life of steel assets and structures prematurely if left untreated. This can lead to costly, time consuming and hazardous methods to remove the rust.

Treating the metal can help to eliminate the chance of rust occuring again and ensure a longer life.

Here are three of the best methods to safely treat rusted metal assets.

Methods of Treatment

  1. Abrasive blasting is used on large areas and requires specialist equipment. This method provides a white metal finish and must be cleaned, dried and primed within 24 hours to prevent flash rust from appearing, especially in wet or humid weather.
  2. Another common method is to use  Phosphoric Acid based solutions to eat the rust away. But must be rinsed clean to remove any residue prior to coating. Priming needs to be done within 24 hours to prevent rust reappearing and is not suitable for deep pitted rust.
  3. Convert and Seal the rusted surface with a Non Hazardous, water based solution such as Galmet Ironize. This method requires the removal of any loose material by using a wire brush or mechanically abrading the surface, rinsing with water, allow to dry just damp before applying Ironize to all rusted areas. Ironize will quickly penetrate and convert and seal the rust to form a black chelate compound which binds to the surface. There is no residue to wash off and the surface can be primed after 3 hours ( @ 240C ) or left for up to 3 months before priming and or applying a finish coat.


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