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3 Ways Milwaukee's M18 FUEL Crushes the Toughest Jobs

Upon release, Milwaukee promised the M18 Fuel Line would deliver extreme-performance cordless power tools with unprecedented power, run-time and durability. The fact that today, almost 5 years since the initial launch, the M18 FUEL Line remains at the top of the professional power tool game, suggests Milwaukee more than delivered on its promise.

While the range of tools has expanded, and enhancements and improvements are ongoing, it is the combination of three industry leading technologies in the one tool which provides next level performance and has made the M18 FUEL range a favourite when it comes to professional power tools.

1. POWERSTATE Brushless Motor

Designed, engineered and built by Milwaukee, POWERSTATE is the best-in-class brushless motor that works harder and lives longer. POWERSTATE brushless motors are ideal for professional tradesman because they deliver more application speed, torque and durability in a smaller size.

Instead of wearable brushes, Milwaukee engineered more steel and copper into its POWERSTATE brushless motor. This results in longer motor life as a result of reduced friction, less heat buildup and higher efficiency.

The motor was also redesigned to produce more strength, generating about 25% more torque than the average 18 volt tools.

2. REDLITHIUM Battery Pack

REDLITHIUM batteries last longer, think faster and work harder than other professional LITHIUM-ION batteries. The exclusive integration of chemistry, pack design and circuitry come together for superior output in the harshest environments. REDLITHIUM batteries deliver more work work over the course of your day and the life of the battery.

3. REDLINK PLUS Intelligence Hardware and Software

The revolutionary REDLINK PLUS Intelligence system gives full cycle communication between the battery, charger and motor, optimising performance and decreasing overheating of motor and batteries.

The system detects any signs of overheating and pre-emptively protects the tool and battery. The system also constantly monitors the internal workings of the tool, providing better fail-safes between tool, battery and charger, better efficiency and longer lifespan of the tool.

The combination of these three technologies means the M18 fuel range offers unmatched power, run-time and durability and the ability to crush even the toughest jobs.