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Safety Footwear - How To Choose What's Right For You


by Oliver Footwear

Making the right choice of protective footwear can be difficult as many safety boots today combine various innovations for safety and comfort. Here, are some tips on selecting correct safety footwear.

Know the specific needs of your workplace environment

Depending on your workplace, it is important to choose footwear that is suitable for that work environment. For example, footwear required by an electrician will be different to the one required by a builder, welder or miner. An electrician would need to look for features such as an electrical resistant (EH) sole where a welder would need a rubber outsole that has heat resistance up to 300°C.

For protection against falling objects, a metatarsal guard that shields the front of the foot is important. Also, is there risk from sharp objects or glass? If so, a safety boot with mid-sole penetration protection is your best choice.

Be sure to select a safety boot that is weatherproof or water resistant. Long hours of exposure to wet feet can result in infections and blisters. Even short-term exposure to dampness can ruin your day


Comfort for all day wear

Most workers spend long hours wearing their safety footwear, therefore it’s important they’re comfortable and fit correctly. Try the boots on. Can you wriggle your toes and is their enough space between your longest toe (not necessarily your big toe) and the top cap? A good safety boot should immediately feel comfortable without a suggestion that it is going to take some wearing in.

When trying on your boots, go for a walk in the store before you buy. Ensure you try a firm surface like concrete, not carpet. Is the sole flexible? Does it have a wide base for a grip on the surface? By trying your boots on and going for a walk in them in store, you will quickly learn how comfortable they’re likely to be.

Shock-absorbent removable insoles provide additional underfoot cushioning. They can be removed to be cleaned, replaced as needed or substituted with a custom prescription insert.

Meet safety standards

Does the safety boots meet Australian and international safety standards to ensure protection? To achieve this, features like the toecap, thread, leather, laces, hooks, eyelets and even the lining of the boot need to pass a range of tests conducted by an independent registered laboratory. Any safety boot that has been checked and approved by AS/NZS 2210.3:2009 standards will have a certification logo on or inside the boot.

Choosing the right safety boot not only means preventing foot related injuries at work, but also considers comfort and exceeds the demands of any tough workplace. After all, your feet are important and so should your safety boots.

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