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Essential Woodworking Tools


Essential woodworking power tools

Looking to get started in woodworking? Here's 4 must have professional woodworking power tools that will help you get going on the right foot.


Electric Planer

Applications:  Save time when smoothing out rough surfaces, smoothing rough edges, shaving down doors, evening out floor joists.


We like:

Bosch 18V Li-ion Cordless Planer

  • Fast and precise work rate due to continuously variable depth of cut setting up to 1.6mm.
  • High surface quality due to ultra sharp and durable T reversible blade.
  • Innovative COOLPACK batteries increase runtime by up to 100%.
  • 6 year extended warranty.

Circular Saw

Applications:  An essential for woodworkers; slice through timber and perform perfectly straight cuts with a cordless circular saw. The circular saw is your go-to tool for cutting tasks.

We like:

Makita 18V Li-ion Cordless Brushless 165mm Circular Saw

  • Heavy gauge base with 45° and 50° bevel capacity.
  • Electric brake prevents dangerous blade run on.
  • Built in dust blower directs sawdust away from cutting line and stops.
  • Three year warranty.

Framing Nailer: 

Applications:  A heavy-duty nailer for serious woodwork projects. Framing nailers are used for building decks, framing houses, wood sheathing and other major carpentry work.

We like:

DeWalt 18V 5.0Ah Li-ion Cordless Brushless Framing Nailer

  • Sequential operating mode for precision placement.
  • Bump operating mode for production speed.
  • Rear load magazine with 55 nail capacity.

Finishing Nailer:

Applications: Trim work, baseboards, panelling, interior mouldings as well as furniture and cabinet making. Finishing nailers use shorter, lighter gauge nails, and will leave less of an imprint for tasks where aesthetics are important.


We like:

DeWalt 18V 5.0Ah Li-ion Cordless Brushless Finishing Gun

  • Compact, lightweight and ergonomic design.
  • Bump operating mode provides production speed of up to 4 nails per second.
  • Easily adjustable drive depth using thumb wheel depth adjuster.




Essential woodworking hand tools

Looking to get started in woodworking? Here's 4 must have professional woodworking hand tools to add to your kit.


Block Plane

Applications:  One of the most versatile hand woodworking tools, the block plane can be used to shape, flatten, curve, clean, square or add chamfers to a piece of wood. One of the great advantages of the block plane is the ability to hold it for use with just one hand.


We like:

Stanley 180mm Block Plane

  • Ideal for end-grain work or any situation where single hand applications are required.
  • Made from accurately machined fine grey iron.
  • Width of cutter: 40mm.
  • Fully adjustable for depth of cut, cutter alignment and mouth opening.


Applications:  An indispensable woodworking tool, a sharp chisel can be used to reshaping and carving wood, shaving rough surfaces, chopping out corners and scraping off glue.

We like:
Stanley 5 Piece Chisel Wood Dyna Pro Grip

  • Virtually unbreakable high impact polymer handle with a metal cap for hammer striking, comfortable and ergonomic with soft grip urethane panels.
  • Quality chrome alloy, ball bearing grade and long bevel-edged steel blade.
  • Greater shock absorption and reduced grip force.
  • WATCH NOW: How to Sharpen a Chisel with an Oil Stone

Claw Hammer 

Applications:  For driving nails, brads and tacks, marking drill centres with the weighted head, and pulling nails with the claw, a trusty claw hammer is an essential tool for cabinetmakers, furniture makers and all other carpentry and woodworking.

We like:

JBS 575gm Claw Hammer w/ Fibreglass Handle

  • High carbon steel drop forged head, hardened and tempered.
  • Deluxe rubber gripped fibreglass handle.
  • Head attached via temperature resistant epoxy resin bond.

Blue Chalkline Set

Applications: Ever struggle to make a straight line on a rough plank of wood? A chalkline set allows you to mark long, straight lines with ease to help improve the accuracy of your job.


We like:

Stanley FatMax Xtreme Blue Chalkline Set

  • Durable die-cast aluminium housing for strength and durability.
  • 2X stronger line + 2X line abrasion resistance.
  • Rewinds 5X faster.


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