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Don’t Forget These Essentials For Your Long Weekend Camping Trip


April 3

For many Australians the Easter long weekend is the time of the year for camping. The four day weekend is our last real opportunity to enjoy mild-warmish weather before winter rears its ugly head again and reminds us all of how much we miss summer.

So once you’ve packed the tent, sleeping bags, fishing rod, beer, snags and kids you're just about ready, but before you hit the road here are a few more items we rate as just as important for a fun, relaxed and stress-free Easter camping trip:



Tarpaulin: Providing shade if it's too sunny and shelter if the rain hits, a tarp is a vital inclusion to survive the unpredictable Aussie conditions.

Extra Heavy Duty Poly Tarp 12ft x 18 ft by Ebony





Garbage bags: If you're going to be enjoying the beautiful great outdoors be sure it stays beautiful and clean up your campsite of all rubbish before you go.

Glad Wavetop Tie  35L Roll of 50 bags





 Insect repellent: Aside from the neighbours screaming children, there is nothing more irritating than the mozzies, fleas, leeches and ticks that will keep you awake itching and scratching all night long. Protect yourself.

Aerogard Personal Insect Repellent - Tropical Strength 135ml





Cargo nets: You don't want to arrive only to find your sleeping bags abandoned you somewhere between Sydney and Soldiers Beach. Cargo nets are ideal for utes, trailers, 4WD roof cages and boats to ensure that everything you've packed, stays packed.

Full net 2 x 1.8m by Lion





Leatherman: Perfect for any job, adventure or everyday task. With 17 unique tools at your disposal, it's pretty much guaranteed your Leatherman will save the day at some stage of the trip.

Wave - Multi-function tool by Leatherman







Water: Stay hydrated, always.

24 x 600ml bottled water

5L Cooler Jug w/tap by Willow Ware





Hammer: Make sure those tent pegs are secure.

1.8kg Club Hammer by JBS