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Need more info? Get the answers you need about finding and applying for a job with Blackwoods today.
  1. What kind of people are we looking for?

    At Blackwoods, our people are the key to our success. We are looking for people who have the right skills, experiences and attitude for success and who display the behaviours we value of BOLDNESS, OPENESS, ACCOUNTABILITY, INTEGRITY.

  2. What should I include in my resume?

    Your resume should reflect accurately your skills, experiences and achievements. As a guide, your resume should include the following information:

    • Your Contact details: It is important to list all possible contact details, particularly your email address as our main form of communication will be via email.
    • Work Experience: Provide an overview of your employment experience by listing job titles and dates of all positions held. For each role, highlight your duties / responsibilities, technologies and systems used. Where you may not have lots of relevant experience, feel free to include any relevant volunteer work or extracurricular activities that will demonstrate your transferrable skills.
    • Achievements: Listing your key achievements will provide us with an indication of your success in previous roles. Achievements can refer to completion of major projects, deployment of successful initiatives or any other activity you are proud of having accomplished professionally.
    • Education & Training: Include details of formal education and / or any professional development undertaken. We are also interested in any relevant certifications, accreditations, licenses and membership of professional associations.
    • Working Rights: This is useful in clarifying your work rights if you are not a permanent resident. Details of holiday visas and other work restrictions need to be included if applicable, and you may also be required to provide proof of your residency status (Visa and Passport) if you are successful through the interview process.
    • References: You can either include your reference details or state that References are available upon request. Include at least two work-related references and if possible, include your current employer. Please ask your referees for permission first.

  3. What happens during the recruitment and selection process and how long does it take?

    Our recruitment process involves a range of steps that will help us ensure we place the right person in the business. The steps may include a telephone interview, a number of face to face interviews, aptitude and personality assessment, a pre-employment medical and reference checks.

    The timeframes for selecting the best applicant for each vacancy may vary depending on a range of factors. If you are successfully shortlisted you will receive a call to discuss. For applicants who are not shortlisted, they are contacted as soon as possible appreciating that it takes time to conduct each step in the process. We will endeavour to keep you informed along the way.