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4 Great Reasons to Clean Up Your Workplace Today


Keep it clean. It sounds simple enough, and for many it is. Regular scheduled cleaning is part of the job, and just another thing to tick off the list of daily tasks.


Unfortunately this is not the case in every place of work. For some, cleaning is always prioritised well below other tasks. For others, it's not a priority at all.


If your place is looking a little untidy and you’re in need of some motivation, here are 4 reasons to clean up your workplace today:


Company image:

A dirty work place reflects poorly on your company’s image.

  • When customers, suppliers or anyone else visits an untidy and unclean workplace it gives the impression you are overwhelmed and unprofessional.
  • The state of the workplace can have a strong influence over how employees view their jobs. A clean and organised working environment can make a positive change in employee morale.

Employee health:

An unclean workplace is a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, dust and vapours.

  • A build-up of dust and other materials can create breathing hazards which can lead to worker illness. Proper air filtration through regularly cleaned HVAC system filters prevents potential microbial growth and odour concerns.
  • The regular use of disinfectants helps to prevent the spread of germs and illness, especially important during flu season, greatly reducing the number of sick days and improving overall productivity.
  • Clean light fixtures improve lighting efficiency. Dirty light fixtures can reduce essential light levels, making it difficult and unsafe for employees to complete their daily tasks.


A clean work environment is critical for maintaining a safe working environment.

  • Maintaining clean, dry floors is essential for the prevention of slips and falls in the workplace.
  • It is important to provide sufficient storage space to avoid the build-up of clutter
  • Dirty light fixtures can reduce essential light levels, making it difficult and unsafe for employees to complete their daily tasks.
  • Allowing trash to pile-up can become a serious safety hazard. Consistent disposal of waste helps remove this risk.


At the end of the day, maintaining a clean workplace will have positive impacts on the company’s bottom-line.

  • Regular cleaning and maintenance helps to protect your building assets such as carpets, floors, tile surfaces, and equipment, preventing excessive wear and extending lifespans.
  • An organised workplace encourages workers to be more productive. Reducing clutter means less time spent looking for things increasing overall efficiency.


Cleaning & Hygiene Solutions


Providing a safe and clean environment for employees and visitors doesn’t have to be difficult. Convenient access to the right cleaning tools and sufficient storage space can help make the job easy.


Blackwoods provides a complete range of cleaning supplies to Australian businesses to assist in achieving a safe, healthy, successful and of course clean workplace.


Check out our range below.


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