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Equipped for Life

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Peltor Headset

3M PELTOR™ ALERT™ XPI Multipoint Bluetooth® Headset

This custom designed Bluetooth® headset from 3M has all the functional features you need to protect your hearing and ensures you can still hear your coworkers clearly.
- Bluetooth® MultiPoint Technology for connection to one or two external devices for hands-free talk and streaming
- Noise cancelling boom microphone for clear speech and transmission in noisy environments
- Level-dependent function for ambient listening to increase your situational awareness
- Rechargeable option with NiMH batteries and replaceable cushions and foam liners
-Built-in FM-Radio which can store your 4 favourite stations.
- To reduce the corrosion caused by sweat the electronics are located in the outer part of the cup.
-Part number: 0389 0305
Peltor Headset

3M and Blackwoods. Equipped for Work. Equipped for Life.

3M is committed to improving every life through innovation and research. By applying science to life, 3M technology has changed the way we live, work and play.
Now, 3M and Blackwoods, Australia’s leading industrial and safety supplier, have strengthened their long-standing relationship, with the intention of providing all Australians with the products, solutions and support to assist in improving lives. With over 250 years’ combined experience in workplaces and communities throughout Australia and the world, the partnership provides unparalleled expertise in delivering solutions that help businesses prosper through improved work environments, productivity and safety.

Blackwoods stocks an extensive range of 3M products including hearing protection, respiratory protection, fall protection, welding and abrasives, tapes, adhesives and much more.

How to avoid heat stress in the workplace

Whether it’s working indoors in workshops, garages or factories, or outside on construction sites, mine sites or farms, heat stress is a serious threat to worker health, safety and productivity. Proper management of heat stress requires management of environmental conditions as well as the use of PPE that can minimise or help reduce worker heat load.

How to stop falling tools on the job site

Recent figures have shown that between 2015 and 2016, there were almost 25,000 serious claims for people suffering falls, trips and slips on the job in Australia.
Of these nearly 7,000 serious claims for falls from a height. Working at height continues to represent a major safety management challenge for most workplace health and safety professionals, however increasingly it is not just ‘people falls’ that are an issue.