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Hand Safety Report 2017 - The Cost Of Injuries



Ansell, in partnership with NSCA Foundation, have recently released the 2017 Hand Safety Report, identifying emerging trends in safety practices within Australia.

A total of 381 respondents were surveyed as part of the study. All surveys were conducted with decision makers in worker safety, procurement and operational roles.

The Cost of Injuries

On average, organisations calculate their injury costs to be over AUD $350,000 per year, with hand injuries making up over AUD $60,000 of this figure. However, these figures may be grossly underestimated.

When determining the cost of injuries, most do not take into account the different types of cost that could be associated with injuries, such as legal costs, lost productivity, training, cleanup and administration. 

The majority of organisations only factored in costs claimed under workers’ compensation insurance and the cost of the injured employee being unable to work (or working at a lower capacity).

On average, each year what is the total cost of injuries to your organisation in dollars? And of that dollar value, approximately what percentage would you say could be attributed to hand injuries?

With almost half of the respondents citing that they are unsure of their injury costs, the results show that there is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to determining costs.

One in five are unsure if their total costs due to hand injuries are lower or higher than the previous year. One in ten are unsure if their number of hand injuries is lower or higher than previous years.

Based on your organisation’s experience, would you say total costs due to hand injuries are ...?


Would you say the number of hand injuries are ...?

To download the full Hand Safety Report 2017 from Ansell and NSCA CLICK HERE