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Help & Support


How do I register to order online?

You can register to order online from www.blackwoods.com.au by selecting the REGISTER located under My Account Sign In option on the home page. Please fill in all fields with a red asterisk (*) next to it, as they are mandatory. Once you have submitted your online registration form our eBusiness team will validate your details and send a notification email with your username and password within 24 hours.

Do I need a Blackwoods account number to register online?

No. You can now register for an express login which doesn't require a Blackwoods account number. If you would like to apply for a Blackwoods trade account or register with an existing trade account, please click here.

How do I place an order online?

  1. Sign in to the Blackwoods website by entering your sign in username and password into the My Account Sign In Form located within the right hand navigation bar on the home page.
  2. If you know the Blackwoods part number(s) of the product(s) you want to order enter the part number and quantity into the quick order form or the quick order pad located on the right hand side of the home page.
  3. Search for parts using the Product Locator or browse through our online catalogue by selecting PRODUCTS from the top navigation bar. Once you find the part that you want to order, enter the quantity into the text field provided and click the Add to Order button.
  4. Select View Order to see your order cart.
  5. When you are ready to place an order click the Finalise Order button. Fill in your purchase order details then click the Submit button to process your order.
  6. Once your order has been processed the Order Summary screen will appear with the details of your order.
  7. When we receive your order an order confirmation will be sent to you via email.

How do I view my saved carts?

Select VIEW SAVED CART located within the MY ACCOUNT menu. A list of saved carts will appear on the View Saved Cart page. Select the VIEW button to change or view a saved cart.

Why can’t I place an order online?

If you are logged in and do not have the option to place an order online you may be setup to view Pricing Only. If you are setup for online ordering and are experiencing difficulties when trying to place an order online please contact eBusiness Support on 1800 750 588 or email websupport@blackwoods.com.au.

How do I approve an order? (Approvers Only)

Sign in to the Blackwoods website and all pending requisition notices will appear under the MY ACCOUNT menu when selected from the top navigation bar. The Approve Requisitions page will appear where you can select the Approve Requisitions link. To open the requisition, select the Basket ID that matches the requisition that you want to view. To approve the requisition click the APPROVE ORDER button at the bottom of the requisition page. In the next screen, you can change the requisition number, delivery address and/or special details if required. Click the SUBMIT button to finalise the requisition.

How do I view my invoices online?

Sign in to the Blackwoods website and go to MY ACCOUNT menu when selected from the top navigation bar. Click on the View Invoices link to open the View Invoices page. Select a search option to find invoices by Purchase Order Number, Blackwoods Order Reference Number, Blackwoods Invoice Number or Date Range then click the SEARCH button. Select the invoice number from the list of results to download an invoice reprint in PDF format. To access the View Invoices tool please email websupport@blackwoods.com.au or call 1800 750 588 and quote your username.

What security features does the website use?

The website uses 128 Bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption, which provides protection of sensitive information. For site sign in we use HTTPS which is more secure than HTTP for transmitting data over the Internet.

How do I add a delivery address?

Sign In with your sign in username and password. Select MY ACCOUNT located within the top navigation bar and then select the Update User Details link to open the Update User Details page. Select the Edit Delivery addresses link and a new window will be displayed. Enter your new delivery address details and select the green tick icon to add this new address. You may continue to add additional addresses. IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you have added all new delivery addresses, please ensure that you select the SAVE button to ensure that all your new delivery addresses are saved to your account settings.

How do I locate my closest branch?

You can locate your closest branch or trade centre by selecting ABOUT US from the top navigation bar and then selecting BRANCH LOCATIONS link from the drop down menu to open the Branch locations page. Then select a state from the Branch Locations page and this will open the Branch Location page for the state listing the address and contact details for all branches in the selected state. Alternatively you can click on the Store Locator link at the footer navigation of the Blackwoods homepage.

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If you require further assistance please call eBusiness Support on 1800 750 588 or email websupport@blackwoods.com.au.