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Help & Support

Online Ordering

How do I place an order online?
Log into your Blackwoods online account using the username and password as per Registration. Based on your postcode, price and availability becomes visible. Add the products to cart, confirm delivery details and complete checkout by paying via credit card or placing the order on Account.

How do I add products to my online order? Products can be searched by typing in the Blackwoods part number (if known) or Manufacturers model number (if known) or by searching using key phrases. Once found, go to the product page to change quantity (if needed) and add it to cart.

How to find out the availability date for out of stock products?

  • Add the item to cart and when you View cart, the estimate available date is displayed there based on your postcode.
  • Some parts are not held in stock or may be temporarily out of stock and the date indicates when we are expecting the part to come back into stock. For more information please contact Blackwoods customer service team on 13 73 23.
  • How does the Quick Order Form work?

  • The Paste Order Pad allows you to bulk upload products on the website with minimal effort.
  • If you already know the Blackwoods part numbers of the items you want to order, you can instantly add them to your order cart.
  • The bulk upload works better when the details are in a MS EXCEL spreadsheet. Quantity in the first column and Blackwoods Part number at the next column.
  • How do I know that my order has been submitted correctly?
    You will receive an email confirmation with detailed information about your order shortly after the order has been submitted.

    Why can’t I place an order online?

  • If you are logged in and do not have the option to place an order online you may be setup to view Pricing Only.
  • If you are setup for online ordering and are experiencing difficulties when trying to place an order online, please contact web Support on 1800 750 588 or email them to see if there are any other issues.
  • Favourite Orders

    How do I save my cart as a favourite order?
    If the items in your cart are something you might order regularly, save them as a favourite order under your login so you can just to the favourite order Menu in My Account and add items to cart to complete the order. This will save the time from searching for the products.

    Do I need to add all items in my Favourite cart to an order?
    No, you can choose if you want to order all lines or only selected products from favourite order to cart.

    How do I delete parts from my existing favourite order(s)?

  • Select the FAVOURITE ORDER located on My Account menu.
  • A list of favourite orders will appear.
  • Select the VIEW button to change or view a favourite order.
  • Click the delete icon next to an item (red X mark next to quantity) to remove individual parts from the favourite order.
  • How do I add parts to an existing favourite order(s)?

  • Navigate to the product you wish to add to your favourite order(s).
  • Click through to the product detail page (where you can see the description of the product).
  • On the product page, click on the 'Add to Favourite button (located on the right hand side of the product detail page).
  • A modal window will popup showing you your current favourite orders.
  • Select (tick checkbox) which favourite order(s) you will like this product to be added to, then press 'ADD TO FAVOURITE “button.
  • Can I have multiple favourite orders?
    Yes, you can add multiple favourite order carts and name them for easy identification.

    How does Export Cart work?
    Once products are added to the cart, it can be exported as a Rich text file to be used as a reference.

    Delivery options and Notifications

    What are the delivery charges for online orders?
    Free delivery for online orders over value of $100(conditions apply). Please refer to link for more details, Blackwoods.com.au/freedelivery
    Once an item is placed in the shopping cart, the user will be notified if the order incurs a freight charge based on item/ order value/ delivery postcode.

    Does delivery charge change if delivery method is changed?
    Delivery charge might change based on delivery or pick up. The freight cost will change based on the option selected at the cart level.

    How will I know when the goods are ready for pick up from the store?
    When customer chooses click& collect option while placing an online order, a confirmation email is sent to them as soon as products are ready for pickup.

    Will I get notified when the products ordered on the website have been shipped?
    Yes, a shipment notification email is sent to customers will the details of the products that have been shipped. Please note: We don’t have tracking details for the shipment currently on the notification.

    Contact Us
    If you require further assistance please call Web Support Team on 1800 750 588 or email websupport@blackwoods.com.au.