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Help & Support

Online Registration

How do I register to order online?

To register online;

  1. Go to the registration page
  2. Select the most appropriate registration process for your needs
  3. Fill out all required fields (marked with a red asterisk *) and submit the registration form


  • For Express Registrations, you will automatically be signed in and you can immediately start ordering.
  • For Business Registrations, you will receive an email with your login credentials and your new Blackwoods account number. You can then login and start ordering.
  • For Existing Trading Account Registrations, you will receive an email with your login credentials within 24 hours after your registration has been verified by our eBusiness team. You can then login and start ordering.

Why do I need a username and password?

A username and password allows us to identify who you are so that we can provide you with secure access our website to view your customer specific pricing, real-time availability at your local branch and enables you to place orders online.

Why do I receive a message telling me that my username is not available?

Blackwoods currently has a large number of customers who have registered to use the website. It is possible that the username you requested has already been allocated to another customer. If your sign in username is not available please enter a new one and select Check if username is available.

Can I have spaces in my username?

Your username cannot include spaces. However, an underscore ‘_’ character can be used instead of a space.

Do I need a Blackwoods account number to register online?

No. You can now register for an express login which doesn't require a Blackwoods account number. If you would like to apply for a Blackwoods trade account please click here.

Contact Us
If you require further assistance please call eBusiness Support on 1800 750 588 or email websupport@blackwoods.com.au.