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Help & Support

Search for Products

How do I browse the online catalogue?
From the home page, click on Category tab to browse via different category available. Choose the required category to further drill down to sub categories and eventually to the product. Use filters from the side menu to further refine the search results using brand, model etc...

How do I search for products using a Blackwoods part number?

    Enter the Blackwoods part number into the search bar and click on magnifying glass/ search tab for the product page to open up.
    You can also add the Blackwoods number with the quantity at Quick order pad in My Account menu and add them to cart.

Can I Search products via manufacturer’s model number?
Yes, all the products on our website have a manufacturer’s model number. Type the details on search bar at the top of the webpage and click on search.

How do I search for products using keywords / Phrases?
Enter the keyword(s)/ phrases into the Search tab then click the SEARCH. There will be a suggestion product list matching the phrase, select the option that best suits what you are looking for. Always remember there is filter option to refine your results.

Why aren’t there any results for my search?
If there are no search results you may have entered too many keywords or entered a keyword or part number that could not be recognised. Please search again via category, if no results then kindly call our customer service at 13 73 23 to check if it might be a special order.

Can I compare products?
Yes, you can compare up to 4 products.

    At the search result page, click on the check box next to the products you would like to compare and then click on compare tab on the top corner.
    Parts selected will be displayed side-by-side for comparison with details that will help you decide which product is right for you.

How do I know the Minimum Order Quantity and Standard pack quantity for the product?
The MOQ and Standard pack details are mentioned in the specifications tab in the product page.

What does UNSPSC code on the product page mean?
It means, United Nations Standard Products and Services Code. It is an open, global, multi-sector standard for efficient, accurate classification of products and services.

Can I get safety data sheets?
Yes, MSDS is available for products that need a safety data sheet on the website. If unable to locate one, kindly call customer service at 13 73 23.

How do I locate alternate products on the website? Website shows similar products to the one you search for which gives you more options to look for. Kindly look into the product details to see if the specification match your requirement, as its only similar products.

Why can’t I see the entire Blackwoods catalogue online? The Blackwoods online catalogue includes all products displayed within the current Blackwoods catalogue. Users may view different product ranges because they might be setup with a customised catalogue view, which includes:

    Contract Items Only
    Product Group Restrictions
If you are not setup with a customised catalogue and still cannot see the entire Blackwoods catalogue online please call web Support team on 1800 750 588 or email for assistance.

Contact Us
If you require further assistance please call Web Support Team on 1800 750 588 or email websupport@blackwoods.com.au.