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Checklist For The Holidays

The festive season is upon us again and while all businesses (including ours!) are racing to the finish line to close off 2016 with our customers and our teams, there are some important business and safety matters to attend to before you take a well-earned break.


Click below to view and download our handy checklist of reminders to keep your people and your business safe as you close down over the holidays.



1. Turn the power off completely at the mains to avoid electrical accidents while your premises is unattended. Secure your premises ensuring all doors and windows are locked. In particular, make sure any valuable equipment, tools etc are locked away to prevent theft.

2. Update your telephone answering message and/or website with your opening hours and/or emergency contact information in case your customers need to get hold of you during the break.

3. Before you close down, schedule time to clean your equipment and work areas to ensure everything is ready to go and in top condition when you and your team return to work.

4. If your business is quieter during the holiday period, it’s a great time to do a safety audit. Check things like your safety signage, spill kits and other safety gear and make sure everything is up-to-date to protect your people and your business.

5. Take 5 - When you have reduced staff, hazards can be missed by rushing to get the job done or cutting corners. To minimise the chance of an injury or accident, apply these five safety principles with even more vigilance than you would at other times:

?  Stop, Step back, Observe

?  Think through the task

?  Identify any hazards

?  Plan and control the hazards

?  Proceed and complete the task safely.Shop now for all your holiday industrial and safety supplies needs at