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Respiratory Protection Made Easy

Respiratory Protection Made Easy

Protecting your lungs from dusts, chemical vapours and gasses is something we all realise is important, but if you’re not a respiratory or chemistry expert, picking the right respiratory protection can be tricky.

First up you need to know what sort of hazard you’re facing on a work site, so to help make the selection process a little easier, Scott Safety have created respiratory Ready-Paks that come with a half-face respirator (full-face versions are also available) and a set of filters. These Ready-Paks are available in small, medium and large sizes and in three types to handle different hazards, being; Asbestos and Dust (with two P2/P3* particulate filters), Spraying (with two A2P2/P3* organic gas and particulate filters) and Multi Gas & Chemical (with two A1B1E1K1P2/P3* organic, inorganic, acid, ammonia gas and particulate filters).

Ready-to-go respiratory protection for all hazards

Scott Safety have created these Ready-Paks to deal with the most common worksite hazards. On most building and construction sites, dust is the common threat, with asbestos often found in demolition work and silica dusts found in masonry cutting and demolition, or when mixing cement on site, as well as sawdust and plaster dust during framing and fitout work.

The Spraying Ready-Pak is designed to handle organic gases and vapours such as solvent vapours and is ideal for paint spraying and general chemical spraying such as pesticides, agricultural sprays, working with fibreglass resin, paint stripping and cleaning solvents as well as welding and grinding fumes and dusts. Of course, if working with two-pack paints containing isocyanates, a filtering respirator is not good enough and an airline with supplied air must be used.

Offering the widest range of respiratory protection of the three Ready-Pak choices, Scott Safety’s Multi-Gas & Chemical Ready-Pak includes two filters that protect against organic, inorganic, acid, ammonia gas and particulates. Examples of these sorts of hazards include acid vapours from etching and brick or render cleaning, formaldehyde found in MDF boards, ammonia and chlorine vapours, as well as the chemicals and dusts mentioned above with the Spraying and Asbestos/Dust Ready-Paks.

Interchangeable filters

An added benefit of the Scott Safety half and full face ‘Twin filter’ respirators is that the Pro2 filters used are interchangeable, so if you need to move from half to full-face protection, you can use the same filters, assuming they’re not more than 6 months old since first use and have not yet reached saturation. Another handy feature is the resealable tub that the mask and filters are packed in. The tub has 4 snap-lock tabs to hold the lid in place securely, making it ideal for storing your mask between jobs while protecting it from dust and contaminants.

After use, the filters should be removed and the mask should be disinfected to remove any contaminants or prevent the growth of mould inside the mask. Once it’s dry the mask can be stored safely in the Ready-Pak container.


*P2 when used with Half Face respirator & P3 when used with Full Face respirator. AS/NZS 1716:2012.