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On Site Solutions

From specialist products and unique solutions, to streamlining operations through smart technology, partnering with an industry-leading supplier is integral to business success in an evolving market.

Blackwoods reduces your total cost of ownership by leveraging scale, supplier consolidation, product rationalisation and increased automation through advanced electronic processing and integration.

With over 1000 containers onsite containers deployed nationally and more than a thousand customers relying on our inventory and shutdown management solutions expertise, we partner with you to streamline your processes and provide immediate product availability to personnel in an effort to minimise downtime.

Inventory Solutions

Backed by a national support network and supply chain capabilities, combined with our team of technical specialists and dedicated account managers, we are well positioned to meet your complex project demands.

We understand the importance of driving productivity on large-scale projects, and have the proven experience in mobilising solutions in the toughest environments.

Blackwoods utilises cutting-edge technology and the support of qualified professionals to help you better manage inventory, reduce cost, free-up capital and improve productivity.

  • Increased operational efficiency and productivity
  • Secure, reliable and immediate product availability
  • Customised product range to suit applications
  • Streamlined and consolidated invoicing
  • Reduced usage rates and greater control over spend
  • Improved accuracy of supply and shorter delivery times


Shutdown Solutions

Blackwoods can deploy modified mobile store facility and bulk storage solutions on your project site. Our specialists work with you to tailor the right solution, determining the type, size and mix of facilities to suit your specific project requirements.

Whether you need to cater for a short-term project, or major long-term shutdown refurbishment, require a remote or temporary store, or have simply run out of space, Blackwoods has a range of options to suit your needs.

We can cater for the storage of any item - from bulk dry store containers to dangerous goods and custom-built mobile warehouses including a range of 10/20/40 foot container combinations.

Our specialist team will be onsite for the duration of the shutdown, managing the sourcing and distribution of goods, attending daily project meetings and providing full reporting on stock usage, spend allocation and budget tracking.

  • Dedicated national onsite team with 30 years’ experience servicing shutdowns
  • 24/7 shutdown support
  • Expert advice to determine stock profiles and drive supply of approved and compliant inventory
  • Provide information to help you manage costs and deliver an on time, on budget project
  • Procurement and sourcing support of unplanned and adhoc items
  • Blackwoods-owned product onsite limits capital outlay upfront ensuring you only pay for product consumed

Case Studies