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Managing Work Health and Safety

13 February 2017

Eliminating and managing risk in the workplace is a key component of keeping Australian workers safe.

Monitoring the safety of a workplace can lead to a raft of potential risk management outcomes, including eliminating or removing the hazard, isolating people from the hazard, reviewing the way people work or providing workers with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Workplace Health and Safety management can be a complicated and consuming process. Relevant statutory requirements vary by Australian state, industry and site, but there’s a raft of information from regulators available online to guide you through the processes to prevent, manage and monitor risks in your place of work.


Finding general information on WHS for your workplace

A good place to find information is the Safe Work Australia website which has details on processes and a range of publications you may find useful. You may also want to consider engaging a specialist WHS consultant.


Promote and reward a safety culture

Everyone in the workplace are the eyes and ears for safety. To foster and reinforce a positive safety culture it is important to encourage workers to identify incidents and hazards in the workplace.

Promote a safety culture by supporting workers who identify an incident, share learnings of what happened and how it can be prevented, and encourage workers to look after their mates by reporting safety concerns or incidents to your WHS team and their direct manager for remediation.


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