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Quicker, Smoother, Faster - The Next-Gen Hydraulic Impact Driver

 June 6, 2017

Nothing comes close to the effectiveness of an impact driver for driving and loosening screws and bolts. Unfortunately, nothing much comes close to the noise and vibration they generate either.

Standard impact drivers deliver torque from a hammer striking an anvil, creating the excessive noise and vibration from the direct metal on metal contact.

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Surge ¼” Hex Hydraulic Impact Driver is different.

The Surge utilises a fluid-drive hydraulic powertrain to deliver torque. The rapid expansion and compression of the hydraulic fluid significantly reduces the metal on metal contact. This results in quieter operation, smoother performance and reduced wear.

50% LESS NOISE than standard impact drivers – Better for your ears and the ears of those around you. Minimise disturbance when working in occupied spaces like homes and offices.

3x LESS VIBRATION than standard impact drivers means less fatigue through the day and less wear and tear on your joints by the end of it.

FASTER DRIVING ON 90% of fastener applications due to a longer sustained torque through the driving process.

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