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Oliver's Advice For Fitting and Looking After Your Workboots, To Maximise Comfort and Durability


June 5, 2017

Trying Your Boots On

To determine if your boots are the correct size, loosen all fastenings/laces and slide your foot forward
until your toes are touching the front of the boot. If they are the correct size, you should have a fingers
width between your heel and the back of the boot.

Once correct length is determined, fasten all fixtures/laces/etc. Ideally your boot should be a snug fit
around the ankle, heel and front of the foot, while allowing plenty of room for the toes. Try next size
up/down as required until you’re happy with the level of room and comfort. To provide maximum
protection, your boots should be a secure and comfortable. Boots will soften during the wear-in phase,
and you should adjust the laces as necessary.

Good quality work socks will enhance the fitting and comfort of new boots. Wool blend and synthetic
socks are a good choice. Socks should fit snug without bunching and look for socks that offer moisture
wicking technology.

Looking After Your Trusted Boots

To clean your boots, remove any debris with a brush or wipe clean after use with a damp cloth.
Ensure you allow wet boots to dry naturally at room temperature as artificial drying can cause leather to
shrink, harden and crack. Soles should be cleaned by brushing and/or washing to remove any dirt.
Full grain leather uppers should be polished or treated with leather preservative like Dubbin.

Suede and nubuck leathers can be treated before wear with a waterproofing product like KIWI Suede
& Nubuck Protector. This creates an invisible shield that helps prevent water and dirt from penetrating suede
and nubuck footwear while still allowing them to breathe.

Should your suede or nubuck begin to look tired and flattened, scrub it with a clean toothbrush or towel. If
it’s in really bad shape, hold your shoe above steam for a few seconds, and then brush it. Whatever you
do, don’t clean suede or nubuck with water. This might seem strange, but don’t try to clean suede or
nubuck with water alone. It can affect both the colour and the texture.

Other Tips for Looking After Your Workboots

- Store boots in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
- Regularly check boots for any deterioration to the leather, laces or sole and treat or replace as required
- Check stitching and seams for breaks, separation and splitting
- Check laces for deterioration, fraying and breakages, replace as required.

Oliver, Love Your Feet More.