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Our dedicated team of safety specialists employ a unique three step 'Assess, Train, Equip' process to ensure safety is paramount in your workplace. The Blackwoods Safety team will help you make the best purchasing and process decisions and provide support every step of the way to help you keep your people safe.

If you are serious about improving safety, Blackwoods can provide a true safety partnership with shared understanding and responsibility that will ensure together we can improve your occupational health and safety performance, engage your people, support your financial objectives and contribute to your overall business improvement.


The Blackwoods Safety team of specialists can assist with critical safety assessments including but not limited to risk management, hazard assessment and OHS system services, ongoing workplace monitoring and safety audits, and fit for purpose and consumption assessments of current PPE and PPC.


Properly trained staff is critical to workplace safety, so Blackwoods Safety works with you to ensure that your team are compliant and trained. Our team of specialists can ensure you’re compliant every step of the way.

We offer a range of training programmes and packages which are RTO provided and nationally recognised. From ensuring you select, use and maintain your safety equipment correctly, to national certifications for employees, Blackwoods Safety has you covered.


Offering access to the largest range of safety equipment in Australia from the world’s leading manufacturers, our team of technical safety specialists can provide fit for purpose selection advice and support.


Blackwoods is proud to be associated with the NSCA Foundation Ltd who provide their members with an independent, non-profit organisation that inspires, educates, informs and engages Australian businesses in best practice Work Health & Safety (WHS) and risk management. NSCA Foundation Members receive a discount on Blackwoods public training. To enquire on joining the NSCA Membership please contact the membership team on 1800 655 510 or email membership@nsca.org.au.