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BJR's Pursuit Of A Top Finish In Adelaide 500


February 22, 2018

Next weekend over 2 million people will tune in live to watch the always thrilling Supercars season opening event, the Adelaide 500.

Blackwoods Racing and Nick Percat want to ensure they stand out in the 26 strong Supercar field, and the bright orange and blue Blackwoods Racing livery will do just that. You see, in the world of Supercars, how you look on track, is almost as important as how fast you can go on track!

This year the team are debuting a new car model, the ZB Commodore. In February, all the new panels arrived bare and ready for transformation into the Blackwoods Racing colours. A dedicated team of composite, paint and panel professionals have worked hard to ensure these cars roll out at Adelaide looking their absolute best.

bjr scotch brite 1

Composite, Paint and Panel team member Anna (pictured) said, “The preparation behind the paintwork is vital to the finished product. This is where the 3M Scotch Brite products come into play. We use a lot of their products, including abrasive discs, wheels and hand pads.”

“When new panels arrive to the workshop, we check them for any kind of damage they may have received during transport, then they need to be sanded back, cleaned and primed. Depending on the PPG paint colour that is going on them, determines the grit of the Scotch Brite products we use.”

“We use the sanding discs on a lot of the panels, then the paper to refine the edges and areas you may not get a disc into.


The Scotch Brite products are very reliable, easy to use and durable, which is what we need to get the job done.”

“The front bars of the Supercars are one of the biggest components; being front and centre, they’re in the firing line, hitting stones and debris at over 250km per hour. We re-do them after each race and that’s where we use the most amount of Scotch Brite products.”

“There is a super-quick turnaround between events, so not only do the cars need to leave here looking like brand new, we need enough spares – painted, stickered and ready to go as well. We can rely on the Scotch Brite products to work as fast as we need to.”

“There’s a reason the 3M brand has been around forever, they provide a trustworthy product that gives a consistent finish. You’ll find a variety of 3M products in use across the workshop, not just here in paint and panel.”