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Blackwoods’ specialist lifting and rigging business – Bullivants, offers a complete solution with expertise to identify and assess your high risk activities across rigging, lifting, restraint, recovery and height safety.

For more than 125 years, Bullivants have become the trusted solution provider to the industrial market within the Australian and Oceania region, with a dedicated team of specialists committed to providing safe and efficient equipment and services.

As market leaders, Bullivants was founded on a reputation for quality and continues to improve core services, increasing focus on innovation, and providing customers with more of what they need.

Bullivants can help you achieve a safe and productive work environment around rigging, lifting, restraint, recovery and height safety, and do this by utilising leading expertise, quality assurance and a reliable service to assess your risks, supply quality products and support ongoing compliance.



Supplying a large range of rigging and lifting products from the most reputable local and worldwide manufacturers, Bullivants in addition provide value adding services including Inspection, Rigging, Lifting, Restraint, Recovery and Testing.



Keeping safe is a continuous challenge and one we believe is worth taking on.

We believe in ZERO HARM.

We design and build ZERO HARM into EVERYTHING we do.

Bullivants understand how their customers operate in a world of potential risk and danger. Whether you’re rigging, lifting, hoisting, slinging or working at heights, safety is our number one priority. Our Zero Harm philosophy is aimed at keeping working safe in everything they do, because when risk is part of the job, you’d better rely on the best.





Bullivants provide a dedicated on-site service with testing and maintenance capabilities. This allows their highly experienced Technical Service Representatives to complete on-site inspections, rigging, lifting, restraint, recovery and testing requirements.


In addition, Bullivants have also introduced On-site Mobile Sales and Service trucks offering a wide range of range, testing and service capabilities.

This will allow work to be carried out on location, minimising work disruptions, eliminating transport costs, and keeping you operational.

Click here for more information on the Bullivants Mobile Sales and Service Truck.



Bullivants Technical Service Representatives have undertaken extensive training in the Bullivants TSR Academy to be competent to inspect in accordance with Australian Standards.

Bullivants specialists travel nationally providing our customers the confidence to use their equipment with the knowledge that will comply with the strict standards and site requirements. Performance of rigging and lifting equipment inspections ensures integrity of equipment and site compliance using BEAM system and the latest technology.


Bullivants understand Rigger’s needs to ensure we recommend and supply the right products for the right applications. Our strength in engineering and knowledge across diverse industries provides our customers with the confidence of getting expert advice for any rigging requirement.


Bullivants supply only the highest quality lifting equipment from internationally recognised manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. This ensures that customers are supplied with only the best and safest solutions for the Australian and New Zealand Industry. Our range caters for all lifting requirements including in-house manufacturing capabilities.


Bullivants’ range of load restraints whether it be webbing, chain or rope are developed to meet industry best practice in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards. Industry training on load restraint is also offered which includes the chain of responsibility to ensure that all aspects of load restraint meets best practise standards in safety.


Bullivants’ range of recovery equipment includes Panther and Amsteel recovery strops that are safe and lightweight to ensure vehicle recoveries are performed in the safest possible manner. Should a failure of the recovery equipment occur due to overloading, energy is dispersed safely, reducing any risk to nearby personnel.


Nationally, Bullivants have 20 NATA accredited laboratories in accordance with ISO17025. Most sites also comprise of a fleet of mobile test facilities available up to 100 tonnes capacity. Risk of harm is greatly reduced by managing and accessing your lifting equipment using their online Asset Management Register.


As part of Bullivants’ commitment to industry, their training division delivers a number of courses focused on:

  • Slinging awareness
  • Operate a gantry or overhead crane
  • Secure cargo
  • Conduct lifting operations
  • Conduct underground lifting operations
  • Working safely at heights
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"Blackwoods was the only place that I found that had boots that fit, were actually comfy and have lasted nearly 2 years in harsh environments."

-Julie R.

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-Ciaran W.

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-Glen Whitehill, Cargill