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At Blackwoods we know that safety isn’t just about equipment

It’s about having the specialist expertise and relationships to assess your hazards, the range to equip you with the right gear and the training support to ensure you know how to use and maintain it correctly. When you work with Blackwoods, you’re dealing with an expert team focused on ensuring Australian workers make it home safely everyday.

Blackwoods Knows Safety

Blackwoods have you covered from top to toe.

Blackwoods knows the industry and environment in which you operate – We have it covered when it comes to safety, no matter what the application.

The Blackwoods Safety team will help you make the best purchasing and process decisions and provide support every step of the way to help you keep your people safe.

Our team is available to help explain terminology and regulations, looking at facilities or job sites, and helping establish exactly what equipment is required, why it is needed, how to safely use and wear the equipment, and implement any changes.

Our dedicated team of safety specialists employ a unique three step 'Assess, Train, Equip' process to ensure safety is paramount in your workplace. The Blackwoods Safety team will help you make the best purchasing and process decisions and provide support every step of the way to help you keep your people safe.

If you are serious about improving safety, Blackwoods can provide a true safety partnership with shared understanding and responsibility that will ensure together we can improve your occupational health and safety performance, engage your people, support your financial objectives and contribute to your overall business improvement.



The Blackwoods Safety team of specialists can assist with critical safety assessments including but not limited to risk management, hazard assessment and OHS system services, ongoing workplace monitoring and safety audits, and fit for purpose and consumption assessments of current PPE and PPC.

Risk Prevention

Blackwoods expertise carries into the specialist risk prevention area, with a specific team available to ensure people are safe in the workplace and on project sites. Our dedicated safety specialists not only conduct site surveys and assessments to identify hazards, they can recommend fit for purpose solutions to mitigate risk.




Properly trained staff are critical to workplace safety, so Blackwoods Safety works with you to ensure that your team are compliant and trained. Our team of specialists can ensure you’re compliant every step of the way.

We can advise on training programmes and packages ensuring you select, use and maintain your safety equipment correctly, to national certifications for employees, Blackwoods Safety has you covered.



Offering access to the largest range of safety equipment in Australia from the world’s leading manufacturers, Blackwoods is uniquely positioned to provide you what you need, when you need it - all in one spot.

Fit for Purpose Support

Blackwoods safety specialists are available to provide you the best advice to select the correct personal protective equipment and workwear for your business.

Working with us is simple and straight-forward:

  • We’ll answer all your questions
  • We’ll figure out what you need
  • We’ll show you how to use it
  • Setup an easy way to order your equipment
  • Keep it serviced, and compliant


CASE STUDY: A Glove for every occasions

A multi-site resources company facing an industry slow down was looking for every opportunity to reduce their production costs.

Blackwoods Safety identified 42 individual styles of mechanical safety glove being purchased.

A formal fit for purpose and consumption assessment of the gloves in use identified that many gloves were providing inadequate protection and the large and varied range meant large quantities of stock were being held in inventory. Out of stocks were common and a significant amount of work was being created for the supply chain team.

After conducting hand protection surveys, four global glove manufacturers were engaged to develop a custom range of gloves to suit multiple activities.

Following a formal product evaluation trial, site specific hand protection training programs were delivered to workers and customised glove selection charts were positioned in work areas across all sites.

The final results of this program was the delivery of a specialised range of gloves resulting in a significant reduction in the necessary inventory and a simplified supply chain. The most significant result however has been the 35% reduction in hand injuries in the 12 months following the training that was deployed with the new glove range.

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"Blackwoods was the only place that I found that had boots that fit, were actually comfy and have lasted nearly 2 years in harsh environments."

-Julie R.

"Blackwoods have come through with exactly what I have needed. It's great to support local, and get the help over the phone when needed."

-Ciaran W.

"Blackwoods helped us standardise our PPE range ensuring the right products for the right applications."

-Glen Whitehill, Cargill