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Shutdowns are complex and expensive projects - having what you need when you need it is critical to getting the job done safely and on time. Blackwoods delivers essential services to shutdown projects in mining, power generation, oil & gas and Infrastructure.

With over 1000 onsite containers deployed nationally and more than a thousand customers relying on our shutdown and inventory management solutions expertise, we partner with you to streamline your processes and provide immediate product availability to personnel in an effort to minimise downtime.

Blackwoods can deploy modified mobile store facility and bulk storage solutions on your project site. Our specialists work with you to tailor the right solution, determining the type, size and mix of facilities to suit your specific project requirements.

The Blackwoods solution helps you save time and money by eliminating the need to pre-purchase critical inventory.

This eliminates the risk of obsolescence and reduces purchase orders, removing the headache of dealing with multiple vendors so you can focus on other critical project priorities.

Our specialist team will be onsite for the duration of the shutdown, managing the sourcing and distribution of goods, attending daily project meetings and providing full reporting on stock usage, spend allocation and budget tracking.

  • Dedicated national onsite team with 30 years’ experience servicing shutdowns
  • 24/7 shutdown support
  • Expert advice to determine stock profiles and drive supply of approved and compliant inventory
  • Provide information to help you manage costs and deliver an on time, on budget project
  • Procurement and sourcing support of unplanned and ad hoc items
  • Blackwoods-owned product onsite limits capital outlay upfront ensuring you only pay for product consumed

shutdown solutions


Blackwoods is the largest operating unit of Wesfarmers Industrial and Safety, a division of the Wesfarmers group, an ASX listed company and one of Australia’s largest employers. Blackwoods has been delivering essential services to shutdown and turnaround projects in the Mining, Power Generation, and Refinery industries right across Australia for over 20 years.

Our national team of Inventory Solution specialists have extensive experience across project management, sourcing, supply and onsite facilitation supporting and servicing these projects, assisting to complete projects on time and within budget. Blackwoods is proud to provide products and services that are essential to the economic growth and prosperity of our country, and of helping more people build a better Australia since 1878.

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"Blackwoods was the only place that I found that had boots that fit, were actually comfy and have lasted nearly 2 years in harsh environments."

-Julie R.

"Blackwoods have come through with exactly what I have needed. It's great to support local, and get the help over the phone when needed."

-Ciaran W.

"Blackwoods helped us standardise our PPE range ensuring the right products for the right applications."

-Glen Whitehill, Cargill