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Blackwoods offers a complete signage and graphics solution. Our team of specialists with access to the latest technology enables us to customise a solution specific to your needs. Save time and improve efficiencies by combining your safety and signage needs all in the one place.

Blackwoods is able to supply a large range of safety signs to various industries across Australia. We create signs on an array of specialised materials to suit even the harshest environments, while ensuring we adhere to the strict Australian standards. If you’re after something a little different, we can also customise a sign to your specific needs.

Blackwoods has the capability to deliver tailored solutions and can manufacture any signage to assist our customers is to in keeping their workplaces and job-sites well informed and safe.


Blackwoods uses the latest cutting-edge signage technology, including UV and Solvent digital printing and precision automated profile cutting machinery to ensure colour, quality and size consistency, customers can feel assured that all the products produced are designed and engineered to the highest quality, meeting all the necessary Australian classifications and standards.



Blackwoods has as dedicated team of specialists with the technical knowledge and experience to assist in recommending the right signage to suit your requirements.


We understand the importance of delivering in a fast, timely manner; we keep a wide range of standard non custom safety signs in stock to assist with urgent requests, and can produce custom signs with short lead times through our digital manufacturing processes.


Blackwoods takes its environmental responsibility seriously. We are always looking for eco-friendly products as a first option when deciding on equipment and raw materials whilst ensuring our suppliers are also reducing their carbon footprint.

  • Our polypropylene is fully recyclable and is made up of 50% recycled materials.
  • Our packaging cartons are made from recycled materials.
  • Our raw material waste is always kept to a minimum as a result of our lean culture and we operate an in-house recycling program to recycle all mild steel, aluminium, plastic and paper.
  • We use environmentally friendly products for screen printing wash up.
  • We source and use machinery with low power usage where possible.


Blackwoods is certified by Avery Dennison to manufacture traffic signs and offers a platinum warranty on these products.

This is another reassurance that our signage is of the highest quality, every time.


Blackwoods prides itself on delivering tailored safety signage and graphic solutions to customers. Our state of the art facilities in Victoria and Western Australia allow us to produce these in a variety of formats and materials.

  • Safety Signs
  • Permanent Road and Traffic Signs
  • Temporary Signs
  • Lockout Tags
  • Building and Vehicle Branding
  • Promotional and Point of Sale Signage


Have a specific requirement or an idea that’s a little left of field? If your signage requirements aren’t a standard format or size, Blackwoods have the capabilities to design and manufacture custom signs to your specifications.

Blackwoods will work with you to determine the most cost effective solution and will step you through the process to make your idea come to life. In today’s multicultural Australia, it’s often not enough to limit your safety considerations to English speaking employees. Blackwoods can design and manufacture custom multilingual signage to suit any workplace.


In Australia, there are standards that cover the design and correct use of safety signs to warn of potential safety hazards, provide emergency information, and to regulate and instruct individuals in the correct behaviour within a specific environment.

Safety signs are broken down into different classifications, based on their function and use.

Refer to the appropriate Australian Standards (listed below) and state regulations for more information:

AS 1319:1994
Safety signs for the occupational environment
AS 1742:2003
Manual of uniform traffic control devices
AS 2293:2005
Emergency escape lighting and exit signs for buildings



Mandatory Signs
Indicate that an instruction must be carried out, and includes a symbolic shape (white image on a blue disc) and black text.

Prohibition Signs
Indicate that an action or activity is not permitted, and includes a symbolic shape (black image enclosed in a round red circle with a red crossed line) and black text.

Limitation or Restriction Signs
Place a numerical or other defined limit on an activity or use of a facility, and includes a symbolic shape (black number or other limit enclosed in a round red circle) and black text.


Danger Signs
Warning of a hazard or hazardous condition that is likely to be life threatening, and includes a symbolic shape (incorporates the word DANGER in white lettering on a red oval shape) and black text.

Warning Signs
Warning of a hazard or hazardous condition that is not likely to be life threatening, and includes a symbolic shape (black image enclosed in a black triangle) and black text.

Dangerous Goods Signs
Internationally recognised to identify whether substances are flammable liquids, toxic substances, corrosive substances or other classes of dangerous goods that require special care in handling and storage.


Emergency Signs
Indicates the location of, or the directions to, emergency related facilities such as exits, safety equipment or first aid facilities, and may include a symbolic shape (white image against a green background) and white text.

Fire Signs
Advises the location of fire alarms and fire-fighting equipment and may include a symbolic shape (white image against a red background) and white text.

Notice Signs
Notice signs communicate instructions, identify restricted access or remind employees of health and safety policies within your facility or site.

Safety Sign Materials
Advises the location of fire alarms and fire-fighting equipment and may include a symbolic shape (white image against a red background) and white text.

POLY - Polypropylene
FLUTE - Lightweight Corrugated Plastic
MTL - Colourbond Steel
SAV- Self Adhesive Vinyl
LUM (MTL)- Luminous Colourbond Steel
LUM (SAV) - Luminous Self Adhesive Vinyl
REF C1 (A) - Reflective Class 1 Aluminium
REF C1 (F) - Reflective Class 1 Flute
REF C2 (A) - Reflective Class 2 Aluminium
REF C2 (M) - Reflective Class 2 Colourbond Steel


When choosing the size of the sign required for a specific work environment, you must take into consideration available lighting in the area the sign will be located, and the viewing distance between the observer and the sign location.

AS 1319:1994 states the recommended minimum size for a symbolic sign is 15mm per metre of viewing distance. Below is a viewing distance guide designed to help you choose the correct size of a sign for a specific work environment.

It is also important that safety signs be positioned carefully to maximise their effectiveness. Obviously, safety signs should be positioned in visible spaces, as near as possible to the hazard in question, so long as people still have time to read and interpret the sign before encountering the danger.

General safety reminders can also be placed throughout the workplace in common space areas. All signs should be positioned at eye level and should not be placed on movable objects, such as windows or sliding doors.

Finally, employers looking to use safety signage should also ensure that the meaning and implications of these signs are taught to all new employees during induction. Ongoing workers should also receive regular reminders and refresher lessons on what the safety signs around their workplace mean.

Signs in poor lighting conditions are not easily seen. To improve visibility, it is strongly recommended increasing the size of the sign by 50% in poor lighting conditions.


Call Blackwoods on 13 73 23, we can design and manufacture custom signs to your specifications whilst ensuring it meets all necessary safety standards.

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Blackwoods was the only place that I found that had boots that fit, were actually comfy and have lasted nearly 2 years in harsh environments.


-Julie R.


Blackwoods have come through with exactly what I have needed. It's great to support local, and get the help over the phone when needed.


-Ciaran W.


Blackwoods helped us standardise our PPE range ensuring the right products for the right applications.


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