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Quick Guide to Welding Fume Control

October 26, 2017

Under the Work Health & Safety Act 2011, if you're an employer or business then you have a primary duty of care to your workers and others that are exposed to a risk to their health and safety. Welding fume is a potential risk if not managed appropriately.

What compounds are found in common welding fume?

The most common compound in arc welding fume is manganese and silicon, although other compounds in the electrode or base metal may be in the welding fume.

Since fumes and gases may be dangerous to your health what 2 steps should you take to protect yourself?

  1. Where possible keep fumes and gases from your breathing zone and general area.
  2. Always wear a P2 Particulate Respirator whilst welding.
  3. Use enough ventilation or exhaust at the arc (preferably both) to keep fumes and gases from your breathing zone and general area.

What additional precautions should be followed for products that require special ventilation?

Special ventilation products such as fume extraction systems are used indoors to provide protection. If welding outdoors a PAPR welding respirator might be required.

What is local exhaust or fume extraction?

Fume extraction is a mechanical device used to capture welding fume at or near the arc and removes the contaminants from the air.


Fume Extraction Units



Miniflex Portable Fume Extractor

Lincoln Electric

Mobiflex Fume Extraction Cart

Lincoln Electric


P2 Particulate Respirators




Respirator Starter Kit - 7528


 10 Pack Disposable Cupped Respirators - 8512


 20 Pack Disposable Cupped Respirators - 8210



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