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Equip Yourself For Welding - Protection From Head To Toe

There's no shortage of potential dangers when it comes to welding, with hazards including electric shocks, exposure to chemicals fumes and gases, ultra-violet radiation, fire, explosions and more.

Here we take a look at some of the best safety gear for welders that not only protects, but also provides comfort, functionality and a little bit of style.

Eyes and face: ESAB Sentinel A50

The Sentinel welding helmet is changing preconceptions of what a welding hood should look like. Featuring a revolutionary shell design constructed from high impact resistance nylon, with the large spherical shaped lens providing wide viewing area and helping to reduce the collection of splatter. It’s not just about the looks.

The helmet features full control to adjust shade 5 – 13 ADF, colour touch screen panel with backlit display and externally activated grind button allows to easily with to grind mode.

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Body: FR Welding Jacket by Lincoln Electric

Red Line Welding Apparel provides performance, comfort, style and safety. Made from 100% flame retardant material and featuring insulated snaps and inside flap to stop splatter as well as high flip up collar with Velcro closure. Ideal for light duty welding including construction and general fabrication.


Body: Full Leather Welding Jacket by Lincoln Electric

This heavy duty full grain leather jacket provides welders with the ultimate protection for stick welding. Features flip up Velcro collar and extra lined flap behind jacket snaps for extra protection. A flame retardant cotton back keeps you cooler than full leather back and a large inside left pocket offers extra protection of valuables. 

Hands: Weld TEC Welding Gloves by Prosafe

Made from AB grade Blue Slit shoulder cow leather with a reinforced palm, thumb and knuckle guard, Weld TEC gloves provide the ultimate protection for two of your most important tools. White cotton knit lining in the palm and fingers provides added comfort 

Feet: Lace-up Zip-sided Safety Boots by Oliver

When you're on your feet all day you need a boot that not only keeps you safe but also comfortable. These super heavy duty boots feature water resistant full grain leather upper and hard wearing rubber outsole with a heat resistance to 300°C. Heavy duty Kevlar stitching across all critical seams for increased durability and a heel guard for added stability and impact protection.

Low density urethane foam built into the insole provides comfort and contour support and a footbed with raised surface helps to reduce fatigue. The lining absorbs moisture and odour for optimum freshness and hygiene.

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Welding Helmet - Sentinel A50 - Shade 5-13 - ESAB


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